quick tips for a smooth shoot


1.) if you're wearing heels to your shoot, bring a good ol pair of flip flops to walk around campus comfortably.


2.) in my opinion, white dresses look great for photos, it makes you and your stoles pop. if not white then a light color.


3.) when ordering the number balloons off amazon make sure to read the dimensions! i've had people bring tiny ones because they didn't know they were only 10" tall. they work but you don't want any surprises.


4.) if you'd like to do my favorite shot, the tube shot in the river, bring a friend, an already inflated tube, and a small rope/chord. leave it in your car and when we head to the river we can bring it out. this will make it 10x faster to do, and well have more sunshine to work with.


5.) Bring all the props you want! but also bring a gym bag or a backpack on wheels to make it easier to walk around with. and no worries i'll help you carry stuff!


6.) unless your dog is small, it is better to bring a friend with you if you want to incorporate your puppy. This allows you to continue with your shoot without worrying about your fur baby.


7.) book sooner rather than later to ensure you get the time and day you prefer. especially if you are bringing more loved ones.