The process.

before we can begin the first step of the process, you should check out my page.

Read a little about me, click my social media links and check out my previous work.

See how you feel about it.

If you like it then we move on to part #1


Don't worry, clicking the button doesn't mean its set in stone.

It lets me know you've got some ideas that i can help you bring to life.

it leads us to step #2


i'll contact you & we'll chat about your ideas,

the date, your desired location,

the outfits you might bring, & i'll share my advice & suggestions.

once we agree on the time & date, we do step #3


we meet where we discussed & we have fun

& laugh & take all the photos that you had envisioned.

At the end i get your email address because i will need it for step #4


 You don't do anything here.

you're done!

you go home & you feel those 1000000 pounds come off your chest

& you wait no more than 3 days for your beautiful images. 


& that my friend is lit-erally it! :)

If you need prints you can conveniently order them straight from your gallery! 


Ready to start the process?