A furniture hoarder, animal loving, taco obsessed, first generation Mex-Am, photography loving chick.

Yep, that sounds like me :)

Hey hey hey! I love that you're here!

It lets me know that you like knowing who you surround yourself with.

I dig it.

so let me give you a little short story about me

to make it not totally dreadful,

ill make it rhyme (or at least i'll try).


my name is regina and im 24

up until this year i worked at the greatest grocery store

h-e-b, in the bakery is where i was at.

making those cookies- thats why im kinda fat (hahaha)


i loved it so much i was learning and learning

i had plans to move up but i didn't know what was coming.

after 6 years i lost all motivation

i was depressed, and bored,

i was building frustration.

i took a leap of faith and put my two weeks in- I didn't look back.

i decided to give my photography a full time whack.


That same day something crazy happened

my dad offered me a full time job doing what i was already planning.


you see,

he ownes a party rental company here in austin.

he needed someone to make his social media not look crappy (yea didn't rhyme lol).

so now i work for my family business

while doing what i love with my college graduations.


i love taking chances i get it from my parents.

they both immigrated here right after marriage.

my younger brother and i are the only ones here.

i feel ya my first generations, i feel your tears.


i encourage pride amongst every human being.

love who you are, express how you're feeling.

this is why im obsessed with photography.

what an honor it is to be capturing your story.