quick tips for a smoother shoot


southwestern university graduation photo

1.) Everything you wear including shoes, outfit and makeup should be items that you are 100% comfortable with. I pride myself on the level of comfort that I make my clients be in front of the lens. However, wearing an of outfit that you don’t feel your best in, or wearing a brand of makeup that you’re not used to can cause you to feel uncomfortable from the get go. Wear things that describe you and make you happy. This will make you feel good and you’ll have that much more fun at your shoot :)


2.) If you’re wearing heels to your shoot, don’t forget to pack some sandals for you to walk around campus comfortably!


3.) Bring a little bottle of hairspray that we can lightly apply if its a very windy or humid day. This will help us take care of the pesky fly-aways.


4.) If you'd like to do my favorite shot, the tube shot in the river, bring an already inflated tube, and a small rope/chord. Leave it in your car and when we head to the river we can bring it out. This will make it 10x faster to do, and well have more sunshine to work with.


5.) Bring all the props you want! But also bring a gym bag, suitcase or backpack to make it easier to walk around with. No worries though I'll help you carry stuff!


6.) If you’re bringing your dog Fido (which I highly recommend) be sure to exercise him prior to your shoot. Get as much as his energy out as possible to make sure he doesn’t have any pent up. Make sure he poops before your shoot, and bring his favorite toys or treats! A short leash is recommended and if possible bring a friend or family that he gets along with to watch over him while we shoot.


7.) If you bring a flowy dress, I recommend wearing something under just in case we have a Marilyn Monroe moment.